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See what happened when .... Grant didn't give up!

Posted on: Thu August 16 2012 by

Get inspired by one of the colest drummers I know. 

Often, as a journalist, I meet people who warm my heart, broaden my mind, and enliven my spirit: but none more so lately, than 12-year-old Grant Leslie.

Leslie was born with a rare muscular disease that makes it almost impossible for him to bend his limbs and his joints. Doctors believed he'd never walk. Grant proved them all wrong and then some. He's the coolest kid, funny and smart, swims like a fish, bats on the ball-field like Babe.

But even as just a pre-teen, it's clear: he's found his calling. Grant is phenomenal on the drums. He only began playing about a year ago, introduced by the video-game Rock Band. Now, there's no dispute. He's been gifted with a raw talent, a true passion for playing.

Reporting on his story was my pleasure. Grant Leslie is my inspiration.

Oh, and his parents are truly great too. Humble, sincere, grateful people. No wonder where Grant got it.


Lauren Trager